About Me


           Hi there! My name is Mega Lazuardi Umar, I’m passionate about music since I was a child. Actually, I was graduated as a material science engineer. But, through the music, I feel like I could truly speak from the heart and share with you about my feeling and emotions. Some of my music projects jingle has been done, collaborated and commercialized by some company and government offices which I can’t be uploaded all here.

However, here is some achievement I’ve got:

Traditional Banyuwangi Singer (3 Albums): more than 100.000 copy 2002-2006.

1st winner Smartfren jingle cover 2013.

2nd winner Lazada Indonesia Jingle 2014.

2nd winner Ramadhan at ITS 2014.

1st winner West Sumatera, Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif Sumatera Barat 2015.

2nd winner Astra Road Safety Video Competition Festival as a Musical Director 2015.

1st Jingle arrangement LP3I BC Binjai 2015.

2nd winner Jingle Courts Retail Indonesia 2016.

Finalist Jingle Capital Square Surabaya 2016.

2nd winner Jingle Miranda Hair Care 2016.

2nd winner Jingle Krisna Fantastic Land 2016.

Right now, I not only focus to make a Jingle, but also make some musical composition of the poem, and arrangement of the Banyuwangi ethnic music. So, guys, I want to share with you about my passion and search opportunity if we can collaborate and make something awesome together about music.
Feel free and don’t hesitate to contact me.